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So, I've started reading Finnegan's Wake. Very slow going, but I have, just as when I read Ulysses, decided to read it without the aid of the (100s and 100s) of commentaries, guides, critical essays/books, or any other similar texts. That probably means that I am and will remain largely ignorant of the majority of the text, but at least I get to meet the work on its own terms.


just now getting over an illness. Some kind of 'cold'. It really sucks to be sick. I mean, that's mostly the definition of being sick, ya know? Feeling bad.


I desire a working electric typewriter. Possibly a workhorse of an IBM Selectric II, or some other comparable chunk of magnificent moving parts. Progress, so called, only points out how nice some things were. Tippytyping with the magnificent clacking is something that gives visceral pleasure, addicting in its own right. My fully mechanical typewriter is excellent, and (mostly) works, but it would be nice to have something that is nearer to 100% reliable and whose ribbons are more easily procured.


If anyone actually ever reads these rambles(gambols) of mine, are there newer more fertile grounds for social blogging (such as one finds on LiveJournal)? I like the idea of knowing who is reading/following these writings, and being able to easily read their works as well.

(ent of endry)
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