gillesderais (gillesderais) wrote,

as struck, so stricken, a bells' ringing

the passion of this, our, broken time(s)

frissonic reconstructed spheres,

so stricken, a sigmoid bell's ringing, as struck

xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx __________________.

when it was meant that the concrete floor exhales

into the bones of the feat

through ragged but comfortingable socks.^

this gabled hall, so crowned with bell

anointed with oils

named for saintess LUCIA whose wring knocks; knocks the

minds, knocks the thoughts from, of of the thoughts

of; the thoughts of blood from minds that spinned themselves in tightening


This house has neither gables nor tower to holdde ye* bell

but yet

the pealing spills comfort here and in the street

^the same as worn were yesterday there.
*not hearthern y, but a thorn from a back-series of yesterdays, usefully gone from the graphemes herein, but approximated by them.


going to CO with V to hang out for awhile in the trve kvlt grim cold. say nothing but that I should return safe.


been working on more cartoonings. in about a million years I should be a success.


(end of entry)
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