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I'm trying to actually pay attention to which books I have read this year. I started a txt file with that information in it. It both seems like a way of engaging my intellectual life, as well as a reduction of the enormity of that accomplishment. It is embiggening and ensmallening, at once.


Trying to find work that does not make me want to commit murders is ongoing. I am not a very good person at doing this thing. It is bad. I am trying very hard to have a goal now that I am almost 100% certain that I will not be entering academia. That alone is crushing enough, let alone that my first job after receiving an MA is working as a dishwasher for minimum wage. It fucking makes me want to vomit. But, I'm not vomiting. I'm just enjoying the lack of responsibility and trying to envision myself in a new, more engaging, job.


Still going on my webcomic. Getting ready for STAPLE! on March 6th in Austin. V and I are going to have zines for sale. I am working on an UNLIKE Comix retrospective zine and a Jack Chick style tract for the Church of the Flesh-Melting Light of Laser Beam Jesus. Fun times.


I also am feeling a little low.

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